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About Kenya

Kenya: The Cradle of humanity

Kenya is a beautiful and world’s 47th largest empowered developing country in East Africa, with superb beaches and a most popular wildlife parks and preserves. Kenya is one of the few countries that can right to be home to the big five of the animal kingdom, namely, buffalos, elephants, leopards, lions and rhinos. In Swahili, the big five are recognized by their other names mbogo (buffalo), tembo (elephant), chui (leopard), simba (lion) and kifaru (rhino). Many travellers will travel to the country on safari to see these animals. The term safari also originates initially from Swahili and means “to travel”. Kenya truths about animals tell us that the reason the Big Five can live in the country is because the land and land (and weather) is so varied. The country is made up of savannah, swamps and plantations, so if you are ever lucky enough to visit, there’s a chance you could see all these in one journey.

Nairobi City: Capital of Kenya

Nairobi city is located in south central part of the country, and it has a lot of amusement parks, high mounting buildings with great no. of people. It is the provincial and nationwide headquarters of different worldwide business and organizations. However, it is popularly also called as “Green city in the sun”. And it is also industrial city for goods (building materials, processed foods, fabrics, clothing etc.



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