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Embryo Freezing + Shipping

embryo freezing +shipping

Shipping Option:


We use Reputed and experienced Couriers to ship your samples. We will coordinate with the clinic where your samples are stored and will get it done. As soon you are confirmed for our program, we will get the process started. The shipping cost is between 8,000 to 10,000 USD depending on your location. which you need to pay in advance. This is inclusive of Cryogenic-Container rental, shipping fee, all taxes and customs clearance. We coordinate with the clinic, customs and logistics in real time so as to ensure that the shipping process is as seamless as possible while providing the highest level of safety and security of the samples.


The next steps:

  1. After you introduce us (over email) with the person concerned at the clinic, we first send our cryo-shipper to the clinic.
  1. We will also send them all the paper work required for customs and shipping.
  1. The reports of blood-work and sample analysis need to be sent by the clinic along with the container.
  1. They need to charge the container with vapors of liquid nitrogen, place the samples in it and send it by the next working day.


If you don’t have frozen semen samples already, then the male partner needs to provide 3 semen ejaculates over 3 days, preferably with 2 days of abstinence between each collection. This can be divided into 6 vials of semen samples. If the volume is less, he may need to provide more samples, but we need at least 6 vials in total. You just need to freeze the seminal fluid. Washing is not required. The purpose is ICSI. Please note that you will have to pay whatever fees are applicable for semen collection and temporary cryo-preservation at the local clinic directly to them.




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