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LGBT Friendly Surrogacy Countries

LGBT Friendly Surrogacy countries

Surrogacy center Nepal is the surrogacy clinic in Nepal which is committed to LGBT parenting. Irrespective of the gender and the relationship every human has a desire towards parenthood. Surrogacy Center Nepal’s determination is to help such couples or individuals to have their own family.


There are very less number of LGBT friendly surrogacy countries. In US some states allow LGBT parenting through surrogacy and some or not. Nepal is one among the LGBT friendly reproduction technology supported countries.


Once you are in contact with our case managers. Our staff will explain you the procedures involved in surrogacy according the screening and the medical history of the partners. We have the egg donors and sperm donors list who were screened to all medical tests and psychological behaviors.


Our legal team is also helping you to prepare the documentation required to have your own baby and hassle free return to the home country.





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