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Our Team


Dr. Samit Sekhar

Program Director
Email id:

Dr.Samit Sekhar is Owner and Surrogacy Program Director

and Embryologist at the Kiran fertility Services ,

International Patient Coordinators

Kate Lopez

Patient co ordinator for Canada and North America

Email id:

Call :  +6479477450

Ivonete Pedroso

patient co ordinator for Brazil and South America

Email id:

Call :  +556584069610


Patient co ordinator for Uk and Ireland

Email id:

Call :  +44 7751930406


Spain & Europe Patient Coordinator

Email id:

Call : +34615155803

Satvinder Singh

CME Specialist
Citizenship/passport and Exit visa Specialist
Email id :
Call : +91-984-910-2040

Rebecca varga

Patient co ordinator for Australia
Email id :
Call : +61 0738610752, +61 432833027



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