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Shipping and freezing information.

Surrogacy Program with frozen embryo transfer.

Services offered:

  • Multiple frozen/thawed embryo transfer procedure.
  • Your will not pay a second instalment till a pregnancy is confirmed with the set of embryos. If the surrogate becomes pregnant using the initial embryos, we will freeze the remaining embryos for a period of a year at no charge.
  • Psychological-social-physical screening, travel, stay, food, all medications, other expenses & compensation for the surrogate mother.
  • Assisted hatching – if required.
  • Delivery/cesarean section for the surrogate mother.
  • Doctor’s fees for 9 months till delivery.
  • Double and triple testing to rule out chromosomal disorders and neural tube defects.
  • Foreign exchange & concierge to take care of local needs and sight-seeing.
  • Legal help: arranging the surrogacy agreement between all parties concerned.
  • Guidance and legal help with obtaining of passport and exit visa for the new born. We shall assist with this if required at no additional cost.

The package does not include:

  • Embryo shipping to Kenya.
  • Multiple pregnancies (twins)
  • Selective foetal reduction – (if applicable in cases of triplets).
  • Paediatric charges if baby needs admission.
  • PIGD – pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (for detecting defects).
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