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Surrogacy Centres in Nepal

surrogacy clinics in Kathmandu

Nepal is the newbie in the international surrogacy. Nepalese government is regulating the laws governing surrogacy. Most of the countries are regulating surrogacy. So Nepal is the new destination for Surrogacy for the infertile couple who are looking to have a baby.


Surrogacy Centres in Nepal are established in cooperation with the international agencies which are expertise in the process of surrogacy. The clinics present in Nepal are also having the state of the art laboratories with international standards in treatment and patient care. Surrogacy centres in Nepal are helping the couples or individuals from different parts of the world to have their own baby. The surrogacy centres owning legal team to help with the rules followed by different countries while providing the citizenship for the baby born through surrogacy.


Surrogacy Center Nepal is also has its own case managers and legal team at the clinic with the state of the art laboratories and the guaranteed surrogacy program to make sure the intended parent(s) to become parent(s). Surrogacy in Nepal is available for those patients who cannot access Surrogacy in India because of the visa regulations such as Single Men and Women, Gay Men and Women, Unmarried couples, Couples Living together and those is civil unions but not registered marriages.





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