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Surrogacy Clinics in Kathmandu

surrogacy clinics in Kathmandu


Nepal is rising as a medical tourism destination for the people who are looking at abroad and affordable treatment options. Surrogacy is one among the affordable medical treatments offered in Nepal. The recent law changes in different countries for surrogacy option; Nepal is the most preferred destination for the surrogacy treatment for single men and Women and LGBT.


Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal, with all the facilities like International airport, five star hotels, ATMs and taxi facilities. Most of the shops accept US dollars. There are so many tourist attractions in Nepal.


With recent developments in some countries banning surrogacy fully or partially, Nepal is raising as the surrogacy destination for the couple who are in the dream of making their own families. Nepal has good hospitals in Kathmandu with excellent Obstetric and Paediatric facilities to take care of both mother and New born which offers surrogacy services in coordination with the international agencies.


Surrogacy clinics in Kathmandu works with married couples or un-married couples irrespective of the gender and the relationship like Gay couples and lesbian couples also have the option to have a baby. Even single men / women can have a baby by going to the surrogacy options available with us.





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