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Surrogacy friendly countries for Lesbians

surrogacy friendly countries for lesbian

Surrogacy is an option for the lesbian couple who wants to build their own families. There are some countries allowing gay/ lesbian marriages as legal, but they have only adoption as the option to have their child. The procedure for adoption is also complex. Some countries allow surrogacy for their own nationals but some allow getting it done in another country where it is legal. Surrogacy is the option to have a genetically related child to the couple or at least for one of them.


For Lesbian couple the treatment option is like an IVF or IUI, if one partner is ready to carry the pregnancy. The other woman will provide eggs for the IVF into the partners womb and the sperm cell is selected either from the donor from the relations to maintain the genetic relationship or anonymous.


If it is not possible to carry a pregnancy for any one of the partners then the surrogate mother is used with one partner’s eggs and donor sperm. The embryo is then transferred to the uterus of the surrogate mother.


Nepal is allowing surrogacy for lesbian couples to have their own baby. Surrogacy center Nepal is committed to help such couples to make their dream having their own family into reality. It is better to know the rules and regulations from your own country whether it is allowing babies born outside to recognize as their citizens or not.





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