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Surrogacy Services

A family starts with a baby. It’s everyone’s dream to have a baby of their own genetic relationship. Surrogacy Kenya is committed to making dreams come true.

Surrogacy for Married Couples

SK (Surrogacy Kenya) is a viable and an excellent option for all married couples waiting to fulfil their dream of having babies of their own but are unable to do so for various medical reasons. SK (Surrogacy Kenya) is a program specifically designed for Couples to have a baby of their own.

In our Clinic, we have a comprehensive list of Egg Donors and Sperm Donors Caucasian/ African) sourced from a very reliable ART banks who provide such services from which the couple can opt for the best suitable biological donor for their child.

In SK (Surrogacy Kenya), we are updated on the rules and regulations and latest regulatory happenings around the world related to ART Treatments including Surrogacy and parenting and hence assist couples in to carry out the legal formalities

Surrogacy for Single Parent

In cases of Single Parent Surrogacy, we help such single men and women to fulfil their dream of parenting a child. We have helped several single women and men complete their families through Surrogacy.

In our clinic we arrange the egg/ sperm donor from our list of donors sourced from ART Bank in consultation with the Intended Parent and keeping in mind their requirements and we have a active Surrogacy Program meaning that at all times we have Surrogate Mothers under preparation so as to ensure that the process in a particular case is started as early as possible without any waiting times. We in the initial round of consultation ensure that the Intended Parents are made aware of all the legal formalities for one to start the program until the baby is taken back with them in order to prepare them and make them aware of the prospective time schedules and ensure that their journey to parenthood is as comforting as possible. We provide all necessary documents that are required for you to get a travel documents and exit visa for your baby in a hassle free manner.


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