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Surrogacy with Caucasian Egg Donor


Surrogacy Kenya offers you Caucasian, African, European and Asian egg donors for the surrogacy program. Some women cannot produce healthy eggs for Several Medical reasons or if they are menopausal or if they have attained Premature Menopause or ovarian failure. For such cases Donor eggs, which are sourced from healthy young female between the age of 21 to 25 years are helpful to complete their families whether through IVF or IVF and Surrogacy. Egg donors are also useful for cases of single men willing to have a baby of their own. 


Using young and healthy eggs from an egg donor will also increase the chance of having a healthy baby in scenario where there is diminished ovarian reserve in the female partner or in cases where there are repeated failures in IVF/Surrogacy cycles with self-eggs.


Woman willing to donate eggs (Egg Donor) undergoes careful examination with necessary blood tests, psychological, chromosomal, genetic screening before selecting and enrolling them in our donor database.


Below is the list of tests that the egg donor undergoes:


⦁ Fertility testing by hormonal assays and ultrasound
⦁ Sexually Transmitted Disease testing
⦁ Routine and advanced pathology
⦁ Genetic and chromosomal testing
⦁ Psychological screening and testing


Guaranteed Surrogacy Program with Caucasian Egg Donor


Services Offered:


⦁ Psychological-social-physical screening, travel, stay, food, all medications, other expenses & Compensation for the surrogate mother.
⦁ ICSI – (intra cytoplasmic sperm injection), blastocyst transfer and assisted hatching – if required.
⦁ 4 IVF cycles with Caucasian Oocyte donor including embryo freezing for donor, with multiple embryo transfer each cycle. If you do not have a successful pregnancy in 4 cycles you will get your advance refunded. Please refer to the explanation for 4 IVF cycles.
⦁ Delivery/Caesarian Section for the surrogate.
⦁ Doctor’s fees for 9 months till delivery.
⦁ Blood work & semen analysis.
⦁ Double and triple testing to rule out chromosomal disorders and neural tube defects.
⦁ Complimentary 7 days stay at Club Mombasa or 4- star resort.
⦁ Daily clinic visits and airport transfers if applicable.
⦁ Foreign exchange & concierge to take care of local needs and sight-seeing.
⦁ Legal help: arranging the surrogacy agreement between all parties concerned.
⦁ Guidance and legal help with obtaining of passport and exit visa for the new born. We shall assist with this if required at no additional cost.


The package includes everything from A to Z with regards to surrogate mother and the newborn, but does not cover:


⦁ Multiple pregnancies (twins).
⦁ Selective foetal reduction – (if applicable in cases of triplets).
⦁ Paediatric charges if baby needs admission.
⦁ PIGD – pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (for detecting defects).
⦁ Flights from your country to Kenya and back.
⦁ Semen shipping to Kenya.



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